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The Ceramic Synthesis and Functionalization Laboratory is a joint CNRS / Saint-Gobain research unit, doing fundamental research on functional ceramic materials, in particular ceramic materials having charge transfer properties. More specifically, we study how the combination of functional properties can lead to innovative materials.

We focus on three scientific topics:

- Control the hierarchic porosity in the materials

- Control the microstructure of ceramic materials at the grain scale in order to optimise their functional properties (including ionic conductivity)

- Understand the interaction of the surface of ion-conducting materials with gaseous reactive species

We have an integrated approach of our research projects, as the lab gathers high-level skills in all steps of materials elaboration and characterization :

Material design and synthesis : powder synthesis, stabilisation of suspension

Control of the material structure : shaping, generation of controlled porosity, sintering

Charge transfer mechanisms : physical and electrochemical characterization, catalytic conversion measurement

As a joint unit, many of our research projects are closely related to Saint-Gobain products or processes, or to possible future applications.

We are located in the buildings of Saint-Gobain CREE, one of Saint-Gobain’s main research centres, in Cavaillon (France). Both CNRS and Saint-Gobain staff work in the lab.